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Indian spices

What are indian spices?

Mouth watering and original are just two words to describe Indian spices. A unique blend of herbs, other exotic flavors and spices mixed together form the best dishes ever. Indian Spices are best known for their exotic flavours and particular taste and can be used in different forms such as:
  • Whole Indian Spices - Whole Indian Spices such as Nutmeg and Cinnamon in their natural form are considered whole for instance nutmeg is a form of hard seed however most people buy it from ground.
  • Chopped Indian Spices - Chopped Indian Spices
  • Ground Indian Spices - Ground Indian Spices such as pomegranate seed powder and ground ginger are dry spices which have a very distinct flavour. Whilst pomegranate seeds consist of sun-dried and ground seeds of the pomegranate fruit, ground ginger is a dried, powdered form of “Zingiber officinale”.
  • Roasted Indian Spices - Roasted Indian Spices such as Coriander and Cumin seeds have wonderful smells. Coriander seeds are sweeter and have a more fragrant flavour whereas Cumin seeds are sometimes mistaken for fennel or caraway.
  • Sauteed Indian Spice - Sauteed Indian Spices which are fried quickly in hot oil or fat taste great. Indian Spices such ginger, cumin and tumeric are can be sauteeded.  
  • Fried Indian Spices - Fried Indian Spices taste much better and let of more flavour such as red chilli better.
Indian Spices are used for asian curries and many western dishes as well. They are used to flavour food and make each dish distinctive. Each Indian spice has its own exclusive taste however can be mixed together with various other spices resulting in a phenomenal taste. Indian Spices bring out diiferent, wonderful perfumes and aromas. Indian Spices are also used for medicinal purposes regarding health to prevent diseases and preserve food.


What are Indian Spices used for?

Indian Spices are mostly used for curries and Indian Cuisine however they can also be used for sweet dishes as well. Dishes such as rice pudding can have ground cinammon dusted on top whereas dishes such as lamb stew consist of crushed cardamom seeds. Crushing a bit of Cardamom and adding to tea, coffee and even lemonade gives it a little oomph. Ginger is also quite a common spice which is used in Pakistani and Indian tea to give a specific flavour. Indian Spices also have many Medicinal benefits, for example if you have whooping cough or stomach ache caused by gas you can use the spice Asafoetida in a remedy. Cardamom is another spice which has great benefits such as helping to cope with bad breath and digestive distorder. A whole cardamom chewed is good for diabetes. Cumin is another spice which is used for cooking and also possesses medicianal properties such as keeping the imune system clean and it is known to be a good source of Iron.


What types of Spices do Desime supply?

At Desime we have a wide selection of spices which you can choose from whether you are going to use for cooking or medicinal uses. Our spices come in different sizes and colours. They are definitely worth your money’s worth. We believe Indian Spices make your dish taste a much more tastier and delightful therefore supply a variety of spices.

Some of the spices we sell are:
All our Spices are suitable for vegetarians and come in secure, tight packaging. We have various high quality bags for each individual item so your products reach you in perfect condition.  The packaging of our products is unique.


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