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Indian Groceries 

What are Indian Groceries?

Rice, flour, spices and herbs are all classed as groceriesIndian groceries include products such as Indian oils. There are different types of oil which you can use to cook in; for example Ghee oil, Sunflower oil, Vegtable oil and corn oil. The same goes for flour as you can buy Plain flour, self raising flour, Gram flour and Chappati flour. Plain flour or self raising flour can be used for cakes and desserts whereas chappati flour is used for chappaties and gram flour is used for asian savouries such as pakoras. Other groceries such as seasoning, savoury snacks, and desserts ingredients are all items included as part of Indian Groceries. Chutneys, sauces and pickles are also quite popular within Indian Groceries. There is a wide variety of sauces such as lemon juice, vinegar, paste and ketchup. Not to forget some of the most important items which are tea and coffee.

Where did Indian Groceries originate from?

Indian Groceries originally came from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri lanka. As people from all over the world started moving to the UK in 1940s, they also brought with them traditional foods and fruits, such as rice, chappaties and a wide range of curries. Such dishes became very popular and since then there has been no looking back. The first mill to produce flour was in London in the 1940. Today flour is used in many dessert dishes, savoury snacks and also in Asian cuisine which is most popular as flour is used to make chappaties.

What types of Indian Groceries do you sell?

Desime caters for everyone. From spices to asian vegetables we have it all. So whether you are in a hurry and want to make something quick or you're in the mood for a full indian dish, we have a wide selection of tasty products! Below is a table to show you some of the groceries we supply.
Basmati Rice Fry Mix Kheer Pasta Coffee
Pudding Rice Rice Seasoning Jelly Noodles Poppadums
Chutney Kebab Seasoning Custard Tinned Food Mash Potato
Milk Powder Pickles Falooda Honey Flavour Cubes
Corn Meal Dry Fruits Rasmalai Sugar Baking Ingrediants
Spices Nuts Firni Green Mint Tea Popcorn
Seeds Savoury Lentils English Tea Cereal
Salt Variety of Snacks Soup Hot Chocolate Crisps


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