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Halal meat and poultry

What is halal meat?

Halal food is all over the world. Halal simply means things which are permitted and lawful therefore when we are discussing food we are merely talking about what types of food are allowed within Islam according to the Shariah Law. In terms of meat, this can apply to what kind of animal is used (not pigs, for instance) and the way in which they are slaughtered: an animal must be strong, the butcher must make a narration dedicating it to God. Certain guidelines and procedures have to be followed for a meat to be classed as halal. For example some part of the methods include the animal to be facing Mecca and have its throat cut whilst it is still alive. Because the animals must be killed alive, stun guns are often not an option as they can kill an animal before the heart pumps out all the blood.

What is halal chicken?

Poultry are tame birds kept by humans for the eggs they produce, their meat, or sometimes even their feathers. Halal Chicken is chicken slaughtered in the Islamic way following guidelines of Shariah Law. There is no difference between Halal meat and Halal poultry.  Both are acceptable to consume. In  order to be considered halal there are many conditions of Islamic Law which should be met for example the animal breeding and processing also the process in which animals are slaughtered. Examples of permissible animals include cows, sheep and goats as well as  Avian meat, such as poultry, duck and turkey. Halal Poultry is made in a way to drain away blood which has many diseases and it very unhygienic to make it clean. It is also meat that does not spoil as quickly as haram meat.

Halal product range we provide ?

Desime sells a wide variety of different halal meat products. Below is a list of just some of the Halal Meat and Poultry that we prepare.

Halal Chicken Pangasius Fish Fillet Halal Chicken Breast Mince
Cod Fish Fillet Halal Chicken with skin Halal Sheep Brain Box
Halal Lamb Neck Silver fish whole Halal Chicken Gizzard
Halal Mutton Back Chops Halal mince meat (Keema) Halal Chicken Drumstick
Masala Fish Halal Chicken Salami Halal Quails
Al Barakah Beef Sausage Halal Lamb leg whole  Halal Lamb Chops
Halal Beef Steaks Halal Chicken Breast Fillets Halal Hen
Halal Turkey Salami Halal Beef with bone  

Halal freshness provided guarantee?

At Desime we pride ourself in the care and quality of our product. Therefore we provide the best packaging possible so your product reaches you in superb condition. All our products are hand washed and cleaned. Halal Meat and Poultry is handled by butchers who always wear gloves and aprons as part of our Health and Safety procedure. Meat and Poultry is thawed at refrigerated temperatures (4 degrees or lower). Packaging is always sealed tightly not allowing anything to leak or spill. Packaging is strong and reliable to keep your items contamination free and in good condition when they reach you. 

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